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    De nieuwe Service pack is uit, ga naar onze website om de versie te installeren: https://www.cncconsult.nl/downloads/

    De readme hyperMILL V2019.1 SP1 vind je hier: http://downloads.openmind-tech.com/pub/hyperMILL/2019.1/readme_en.pdf

    Bug fixes hyperMILL 2019.1 Service Pack 1:
    2D Contour Grinding on 3D Model
    No more collisions with the clamping device.
    Helical Drilling
    Problems with milling area are solved.
    Drilling cycles
    Endpoints of contours could not be selected as drill points.
    Drilling – Thread Milling NEW
    Problem with the upward movement of the tool when machining external threads is solved.
    3D Arbitrary Stock Roughing
    Problem with blank collision in the High performance mode is fixed.
    3D Z Level Shape Finishing
    Problem with generating toolpaths is solved.
    3D Free Path Milling
    Problems with incorrect contours in the calculation are eliminated.
    Problems with tool movements in the approach and retract macro are solved.
    5X Tangent Machining
    The Dynamic contact point parameter is now considered again when using the Prefer spiral option.
    Problems with negative allowance value are fixed – no crash anymore.
    Linking job
    Problems with rapid movements in the 5X Linking are fixed. No more violations of the part.
    Missing icon in General pattern dialog is corrected.
    Feature technology
    Problem with endpoints in the Generic hole feature are fixed.
    Macro technology
    Problems with NC numbering for stored tools in job macros have been solved.
    Tool Database
    Errors when transferring tool data from version 2018.2 to version 2091.1 have been corrected.
    Problem when opening the Export TDM Systems Tools dialog is fixed.
    hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining Center
    Inconsistency in the adoption of tool data in the virtual machine eliminated.
    General problem with the use of the hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining Center is fixed.
    NCSIMUL interface
    Error when transferring the toolpath has been corrected.
    Error with the licensing of the product 5X additive manufacturing is fixed. 0
    Automation Tire Machining
    Problems with the wrong default value in inch mode are solved.
    Report Designer
    Problem with creating graphics is fixed.
    Settings Wizard
    Problem with missing input in the field for the project name is fixed (error message).

1 bericht aan het bekijken (van in totaal 1)
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